Top Forex Traders in the World

Top Forex Traders in the World

Top Forex Traders in the World – Many traders have made fortunes from the forex markets. However, only a few of them have gained a lot of popularity as well.

Do you know who the top forex traders in the world are?

If not, today, we will apprise you with the same. We will share with you not only the names but also the details of the top forex traders in the world.

1. George Soros:

Now accused by many to be the #1 enemy of the free world and Illuminati operative. But before getting all that “evil” attention, back in 1954, George Soros was just starting his financial career. He worked on numerous financial firms. And in the year 1970, he founded the Soros Fund Management. Which, in the next 50 years, generated over $ 40 billion in profit–a testament to his brilliance as a trader.

His most famous trade was in 1992. He almost brought the bank of England to his knees. In that trade, he made $ 1 billion by shorting the British pound sterling. Also, it forced the UK to withdraw from the European exchange rate mechanism. That day is also known as the black witness stay. And that trade alone made George very famous.

Currently, as well, he is the 30th wealthiest individual in the world. His company has continued to grow by leaps and bounds to generate plenty of wealth for its shareholders and customers. Arguably, he is the most famous forex trader in the world.

2. Stanley Druckenmiller:

Stanley Druckenmiller stepped into the financial world in 1977. He was at the designation of a management trainee at the Pittsburgh bank. Due to his understanding, he quickly rose through the ranks. Finally, he could create his own company by the name of Duquesne Capital management.

Many people do not know his association with George Soros, who is on top of our list. He managed his fund for quite a few years.

The trade made Soros famous by netting him $ 1 billion, Stanley Druckenmiller was also a part of that trade. Ever since then, he grew his own company by leaps and bounds.

However, finally, in the year 2008, he closed his hedge fund. His hedge fund successfully survived the economic turmoil. However, it took a lot of toll on him to maintain his successful track record. It was the reason he closed his hedge fund. To date as well, he is one of the most famous forex traders in the world.

3. Andrew Krieger:

Andrew Krieger’s financial career began in 1986 when he became a part of Banker’s Trust. Earlier, he cultivated his reputation as a successful trader. Soon after joining the company, he got a capital allocation of $700 million. The standard limit then was $50 million.

Due to a large amount of capital, he could capitalize on the 1987 crash. He short on the New Zealand dollar during this panic and did so with an average of 400:1; the position became bigger than New Zealand’s money supply. Due to this reason, he made a handsome profit when the trade went as well. The total profit was $300 million. In the following year, he left the company, however, not before pocketing $3 million in commission from the trade.

Such enormous profits these days are unheard of from a single trade. The trade made Andrew Krieger one of the most popular forex traders in the world.

So, if you were to take inspiration from the most popular forex traders in the world, these are the three traders. Once you take into account their strategies and trading style, you can learn a lot. It is time to idealize the individuals who have created a name for themselves through action rather than traders who want to market courses to you.

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