Managed Forex Accounts $100 Minimum


Managed Forex Accounts $100 Minimum – Managed forex accounts can certainly make things easier for you. It will allow you to hand over control of your account to someone else. You have to monitor the reports to know the returns generated.

Isn’t this a great feature?

The problem is, most brokers require you to submit a hefty capital to activate a managed forex account. Often, it can be upwards of $5000. Everyone can’t do so. The next best alternative is to find brokers accepting lower minimums for managed forex accounts. However, you cannot trust any forex broker.

We will today share the best-managed forex accounts $100 minimum. It will undoubtedly make it easy to indulge in managed forex trading without having to set aside a significant capital.

1. FXTM:

FXTM is a broker offering managed forex accounts and has a minimum deposit of $10. Three different jurisdictions and agencies regulate it. The maximum leverage of 1:30 makes it easy to trade on a sizable amount of capital. It supports the MT4 platform.

FXTM supports various trading platforms. Whoever is maintaining your account will find it easier to trade on your behalf.

At the same time, the broker has been around since 2011. With numerous currency pairs along with cryptocurrencies, stocks, and commodities, the options are enormous. The payment methods are equally convenient.

Since; the platform has a low deposit threshold and offers managed accounts, there is no reason to ignore this option.


• Long history

• Multiple platforms support

• Numerous currency pairs on offer

• Low deposit threshold

2. CMC Markets:

The second option is the CMC Markets. There is no minimum deposit for the same. The broker offers easy to use managed forex accounts. Along with it, the leverage is 1:500. With its proprietary platform, trading in Forex is not going to be a difficult task.

The platform has been around since 1989 in one form or the other. Two different agencies regulate it. So, you have nothing to worry about.

The multiple deposit and withdrawal options certainly make it easy to fund your account.

With the help of 9000 different trading instruments spread across various asset classes, the person handling your account will find it easy for you to trade on your behalf.

Also, the platform provides in-house analysis as well as news. The parent company is publicly traded, further increasing the credibility of this platform. What more can you ask for from a platform offering managed forex accounts?


• Excellent leverage

• The parent company is publicly traded

• Over 9000 trading instruments

• Low deposit

3. Fpmarkets:

Fpmarkets has a minimum deposit of $ 100. The leverage provided is 1:500. 2 different agencies regulate it.

Also, it has been around since 2005. During this time, it has had a stellar track record.

It supports various payment and withdrawal options. The platform also has over 13,000 different trading instruments spread across multiple asset classes, including forex currency pairs.

With MT4 and MT5 trading support, you can hand over your managed forex trading account to someone else to trade on your behalf.

It supports mobile trading. With all the necessary features, there is no reason to ignore this forex broker.


• Credible track record

• Various payment options

• Multiplatform compatibility

• Over 13,000 different trading instruments

It is tough to find the best-managed forex accounts accepting low deposits. However, our guide above can help you with the same. It will make things easier when looking to open a managed forex account.

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