Best Sites to Trade Forex


Best Sites to Trade Forex – The forex market is pretty huge. Millions can be made out of trading forex. The question is, which platform to use?

If you go through trial and error, it can take ages to find the right side. 

In the process, you can lose a lot of capital. It is not the way to go about it. Also, going through trial and error can take a lot of time on your part. Each platform needs to be tested for days before you can conclude.

A much better option is to go through the reviews of forex trading sites. Today, we have done the same and curated a list of 3 best websites to trade forex. This list will make the decision easy for you.

1. IG:

IG is arguably the most trusted forex broker for retail traders globally. The thing which works in its favor is plenty of trading assets with this platform. The number of currency pairs is numerous.

The platform does not shy away from providing you with research and trading tools. It takes educational initiative as well. As a result, whether you’re an experienced trader or a newbie, the platform can help you. The broker has been around since 1974. It is regulated in 6 different jurisdictions. As a result, reputation is not a problem.

At the same time, MT4 compatibility allows you to trade in one of the 76 instruments quite easily. With all the necessary features on offer, it isn’t straightforward to ignore this Forex site when stepping into the world of forex trading.


• Credible broker

• Over 76 trading instruments

• Regulated in 6 jurisdictions

• MT4 compatibility

2. SAXO Bank:

Are you looking for a Forex site for high-volume trading?

If yes, SAXO Bank is a good option. It has a US$ 10,000 minimum deposit. If you’re in the UK, the deposit is just £ 500.

The unique thing about this Forex trading site is, it offers 40,000 instruments. With the help of excellent customer service, you can solve your questions and queries quickly.

It is another website regulated in 6 different jurisdictions. Moreover, it is a bank-backed platform. It has been around since 1992. It offers not just forex trading but also CFD trading. With all these features, you cannot go wrong with this Forex trading site.


• Long history

• Bank-backed platform

• Controlled in 6 jurisdictions

3. is a browser-based, desktop-based, mobile-based trading platform. With four different jurisdictions to regulate it, it abides by all the necessary rules and regulations. It offers forex trading and CFD trading as well.

With numerous educational resources, it is easy to step into the world of forex trading using this site. The platform does not have a learning curve. It offers crypto trading as well. With the help of the tiered fee structure, it is easy to reduce your fees as you increase the volumes. It has been around for some time, and it adds to its credibility.

The competitive fees, availability of various trading instruments, and access to crypto asserts makes this site a reliable choice.


• Easy interface

• Tiered fee structure

• Multiple device compatibility

Instead of taking the trial approach, you can choose between these three sites to trade forex. Once you do so, it will become easier for you to step into the world of forex trading. Only when the platform is right, you can focus on the strategy and execution of the trades. Otherwise, much of your time will be taken by searching for the right platform. Our guide above can solve this problem for you.

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