Best Forex Trading Platform for Beginners


Best Forex Trading Platform for Beginners – Many platforms are overly complicated. While starting in the world of Forex, it is essential to go with the simplistic platform. For beginners, it is not easy to test different platforms either.

We have made this task easy for you.

Today, we will share with you the best forex trading platform for beginners. To compile this list, we have curated and tried out many different forex trading platforms.

1. Plus500:

Plus500 is a web-based platform for forex trading. It consists of all the necessary features. Also, the platform is known for its user-friendliness.

In addition to web-based trading, it facilitates mobile app trading. It has been around since 2008.

It abides by the jurisdiction of 3 different states. The best thing about this broker is the low spreads. When you’re starting, these low spreads can help you. The simple interface and the low spreads make it stand out from others.


• Credible history

• Abides by three different jurisdictions

• Web-based and mobile-based platform

• Low spreads

2. might be a bit expensive when it comes to fees and spreads. However, when you look at the user-friendliness of the platform, it has an advantage. It is perfect for beginners.

The platform has been around since 1999. It abides by two different tier 1 jurisdictions. If you’re starting in the world of Forex, it offers market analysis, research resources, webinars, and educational reduction. There are a lot of learning opportunities available when you’re using this platform.

The parent company of this platform is publicly listed. It further increases the credibility of this platform.

When you compare the spreads, however, they are a bit on the higher side. If you do not mind those, it is the perfect choice for you.


• Listed company

• Long history

• Abides by two different jurisdictions

• Plenty of educational resources

3. EasyMarkets:

EasyMarkets is a web-based proprietary platform. This platform aims to make it easy for beginners to trade in Forex. It allows deal cancellation feature and freeze rate feature. These features can make it easy to execute the trades in the right fashion.

The total number of tradable instruments is 168. For beginners, these instruments come in handy.

The forex trading platform has been around since 2001. It abides by the jurisdiction of a single-tier 1 state. The spread might be a bit on the higher side, but the easy to understand platform makes it a worthy choice.

It offers you a mobile app to trade with. You need not be in front of your computer always when using this broker.

The broker also offers three different types of accounts, depending on your trading frequency and the corpus you want to deposit. The choice is yours. The features and 168 different instruments ensure that this is the forex trading platform, you cannot skip.


• Beginner-friendly features

• Simple interface

• Different type of accounts on offer

• Mobile app on offer

Overcomplicating things will not provide you with the results. While feature-rich brokers might seem like a good choice but when you’re starting, you need to get the gist of forex trading. The lesser the confusion, the better it is for you. 

When you choose any between these three best forex trading platform for beginners, you can learn to walk the ropes of Forex quite easily. This is where these three forex trading platforms can help you out. It is time to step into the world of forex trading and take a minimalist approach towards learning the basics with these platforms.

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