Best Broker to Trade Forex


Best Broker to Trade Forex – Finding the right broker can win you half the battle. Many forex brokers are advertising their features. When it comes to Forex trading, the platform must be robust and straightforward to understand. 

The spread needs to be on the lower side. If the broker has these features, it is worthy of signing upon.

The problem is no one has the time to try out different brokers. Also, to try various brokers, you have to deposit your corpus with them. It is a cumbersome process. 

A much better alternative is to go through our list of 3 best brokers below. These brokers make it easy to trade without having to worry about the platform’s robustness, uptime, or other such issues.

1. is famous for its low spreads. The low spreads certainly benefit retail traders. The spread often varies between 1 to 3 pips.

The broker also supports micro lot sizes. The small size allows you to trade on limited capital. With a total of 55 different sets on offer, the choices are plenty. It has an MT4 integration feature on offer. You need not deviate from your favorite software while trading.

The minimum deposit is $5. Also, the platform has an iOS and android app.

If you prefer a broker with a demo platform, this one fulfills all the requirements. It can offer you a virtual currency of $100,000 to trade your strategies. It supports auto trading and facilitates the fast execution of orders. With so many features, there is no reason to ignore it.


• Low spreads

• Supports micro lot sizes

• Facilitates demo trading

• Fast trade execution

• Low minimum deposit

2. IQ Option:

IQ Option is the platform to consider if you want to trade with small capital. It allows you to open an account by depositing $10. It facilitates not only forex trading but trading in cryptocurrencies. It has been around since 2013.

The free demo account can make things easier for you. With the robust trading platform compatible with android and iOS mobile app, using this broker is easy. The minimum trade requirement is $1. You won’t find any other broker offering a better deal on a lower amount of capital.

If you’re a small retail trader willing to participate in the world of forex trading, this broker is a reliable choice.


• Offers free demo account

• A minimum deposit of $ 10

• Low minimum trade requirement

• Mobile trading available

3. Nord FX:

Nord FX is famous for a few things. It offers 33 different currency pairs. The spreads start from 0. Yes, you read it right. For many currency pairs, there is no spread.

Also, it allows you to view the prices up to 5 decimal places. The maximum leverage on offer is 1:1000. The high leverage helps you in gaining a significant amount of profit.

The MT4 integration makes it easy to use this industry-standard software to trade. The minimum deposit of $10 and the minimum trade is $1. It has an android and iOS mobile app. The low spread is the reason why it is on our list.


• 0 spread on some currency pairs

• A minimum deposit of $ 10

• Low minimum trade requirement

• Android and iOS app

These are simply the best broker to trade Forex. Once you choose any from these three options, trading in Forex will be more comfortable than ever. It is time to step into this lucrative world of trading rather than compare the different platforms and brokers.

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