Automatic Forex Traders

Automatic Forex Traders

Automatic Forex Traders – Do not trust anyone else to trade Forex for you? How about automatic forex traders?

Yes, you read it right; there are automatic forex traders that can trade on your behalf. Also known as EAs or automated expert advisors. These work on predetermined algorithms. Hence, it is easier for you to generate profits when implying them on your behalf.

When you look for automatic forex traders, you will find numerous options. It can be confusing to choose one. We will today share the top 3 automated forex traders you can try… and they have a verified LIVE performance.

1. Forex Gump:

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Forex Gump trades in 9 currency pairs. Also, it uses the 1-minute time frame. The 1-minute timeframe ensures quick closure of trades. It indulges in trend-based trading. Only once it can identify the trend, it executes the trade.

It is compatible with MT4. Also, it can handle micro accounts and standard accounts. The compatibility with micro accounts makes it easy for anyone to use. It allows you to adjust the levels according to your requirements. If you prefer higher levels, it supports higher levels as well. With high accuracy and quick closure of trades, it is an automatic forex trading bot to be on top of your list.


• Trades in 9 currency pairs

• Can handle micro and standard account

• Quick trade closures

• Trend-based trading

2. Forex Diamond:


Forex Diamond has been developed after conducting a backtest for more than a decade. It is the reason why it is so accurate. At the same time, it trades only in 4 major forex pairs. The advantage is, it is incredibly focused. The MT4 compatibility makes it easy to use. It is compatible with the latest MT5 as well.

The advantage of this trading bot is, it utilizes three different strategies to trade. The chances of finding the perfect trade are higher when the number of strategies is more. Moreover, it can cross-verify according to the type of strategies. 

The accuracy of this trading bot is on the higher side. It uses the 15-minute timeframe. So, it takes into account the larger picture before indulging in a trade.

If you’re looking for a focused automatic forex trader, this one is a perfect option.


• Extensive backtesting

• Focuses on four forex pairs

• Uses 15-minute timeframe

• Utilizes three different strategies

3. FX Delta:

Automatic Forex Traders 2

FX Delta is one of the most versatile automatic forex traders you can go with. You can employ it on cryptocurrencies, stocks, Forex, commodities. It can work with all of them. It generates the buy and sell signals. You can trade in one click after it makes the signals.

Since it can work with any asset, it is easy to find the right trading opportunity. The bot provides risk management information. 

Depending on the risk to reward ratio, you can determine if you need to execute this trade or ignore this trade.

The ease of installation and the compatibility with various asset classes makes it a reliable automatic forex trader.


• Works with any asset

• Provides you with buy and sell signals

• One-click trading on offer

• Risk management information on offer

If you want to lighten your workload when it comes to forex trading, these three automatic forex traders are an excellent choice. They can help you identify unique opportunities and cross-verify your strategies. You can improve your accuracy if you incorporate them into your strategy.

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