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American forex brokers – The forex market is the biggest trading market globally. The turnover is in hundreds of billions of dollars. Since it is a global market, the regulatory framework which your broker adheres to is pretty important. The most robust regulatory framework in the forex markets is in the US.

If you’re looking for a reliable forex broker, it is a good idea to go with the American forex brokers. Even in this subset, there are many different brokers available. We will today share with you the top 3 American forex brokers.

The advantage of going with these brokers is that they are not only reliable but regulated strictly. This feature makes them more trustworthy than others. Without any ado, let us look at these three brokers.


American-Forex-Brokers-2The parent company GAIN Capital owns It allows you to trade in commodities, indices, and currencies. It is compatible with MT4 and MT5 trading platform.

With maximum leverage of 1:50, trading in all these asset classes is quite easy. It has been around since 1999. The deposit and withdrawal options are wire transfer and credit card. The platform became famous for its free demo account, and it offers the same even today.

It abides by the rules of CFTC and NFAgmaking it reliable. With the minimum deposit of $ 50 and a demo account available as well, you cannot go wrong with this one.

2. Nadex:

American-Forex-Brokers-4Nadex has been around 2009. It abides by the regulation of CFTC. The minimum deposit of $ 250 makes setting up an account quiet easy.

The entire platform is designed for short term traders. It allows you to trade not just in forex but also in binary options, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. The deposit methods include wire transfer, credit card, SEH. The withdrawal methods include ACH and wire transfer.

This broker offers a demo account. Using this demo account, familiarizing with the platform is quite easy.

The fee is just $1 per contract. The low fees, along with the robust trading platform, make this American forex broker the right choice.

3. TradeStation:

American-Forex-Brokers-3TradeStation has a presence in the US and other countries around the world. FCA primarily governs it. Since it abides by rules and regulations, it is an American broker which you can go with.

The minimum deposit is $ 1000. It allows you to trade in mutual funds, futures, bonds, currencies, commodities, indices, stocks. Using its proprietary platform, trading in these asset classes is easy.

It is one of the few American brokers offering android and iOS app. The maximum leverage on offer is 1:40. Also, you can deposit and withdraw through wire transfer or ACAT transfer.

The platform offers a unique fee structure of traditional pricing and unbundled as well. The fee structure provides better control over the fees.

If you’re a passive investor, you can opt for a different structure to reduce your fees. Moreover, the platform caters towards intermediate or professional traders. At first, you might have to go through a learning curve to understand the platform better. Over some time, you will appreciate the customization it offers.

The control over the fees and numerous asset options makes this American forex broker a trustworthy choice.

While searching for American forex brokers, you will come across numerous options. Conducting due diligence on all these options can be difficult. It can be time-consuming as well. A better alternative is to follow our guide above. 

These 3 are the best American forex brokers you can find. Choosing between them will always help you find an appropriate platform and the broker.

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